Prozac and depression

i feel like that a lot of the time — the smallest thing goes wrong
and i want to die. i actually try to concoct mixes of different pills
and alcohol and cocaine and stuff in my head, but i never do it.
when you start to feel like that, call a friend who understands –
make sure you have at least two people you can always call, even in
the middle of the night. if you can’t call anyone, get online and
rant here. the reason prozac is worse when you don’t take it is
because it’s a really bad drug. go to … please
don’t do anything drastic – there is always a way to work things out.


Beth about depression

Welcome to the group! i hope we can help you out; we are always here
for you. as for your ex, just forget him. it’s really hard, and it
will take time, but it will happen. you’ll always remember your first
love. i’m 25 and still haven’t found my soul mate. but i have found
that a lot of men are jerks. a lot of guys are going to try to use
you for sex, they will lie and say that they love you just to get in
your pants. you need to be careful. if you want to email me
privately about boy stuff, or anything, feel free anytime.

as for your depression, there are things that will help your
depression, things besides drugs like prozac. just take a deep breath
and remember, things will get better…maybe not right away, but you
have to take it one day at a time. i’ve been so depressed before that
i wanted to die, but i couldn’t do it… i always have to find out
what tomorrow brings — maybe it brings a phat check in the mail,
maybe mr. right will come knocking on my door. girl, you are young
and have a lot of life ahead of you. please remember that you can
always log on and write to us, and we’ll always be here for you.

take care!


Muse vs cialis 5mg

I thought about the trimix but opted out because
of the scar tissue that would eventually develop. I
haven’t tried the “Muse” yet. I think I will give doc
Moskowitz a call this morning. The pump works, but it is



cialis tabs 5mgHi Russ
Muse works pretty good but i have a hard
time to get my insurance company to pay for it The
cost is 125.00 for four treatments. The problem is
they don’t want to pay for tadalafil 5mg tabs and the muse but my
doctor said this is theropy so they should pay.Where do
you get the pump at I will have to try it.

Results of the minocycline-treated group

I bring to your attention the results achieved by the original 23
patients assigned to take Minocin:

15 of the 23 patients (65%) had improved their symptoms by 50% at
3 months;
5 of the 23 patients (22%) achieved a remission within 1 year and
no longer received any therapy.

The 1999 O’Dell study follows the same patients and reports the
results they achieved after 4 years of taking Minocin. Here are
the numbers taken from the 1999 O’Dell study:

Results of the minocycline-treated group after 4 years:

- 13 patients (65%) improved their symptoms by more than 75%, 8
patients achieving a remission;
- 8 patients (40%) fulfilled remission criteria without DMARDs or
- 10 patients (50%) never required any DMARD or steroids;
- 9 patients (45%) taking prednisone therapy in the open portion
of the study (after the first 3 or 6 months);
- 11 patients (55%) still taking Minocin after 4 years of
- 4 patients (20%) reported skin hyperpigmentation;
- 3 patients (15%) discontinued minocycline because of

Reduction in the number of tender and swollen joints for patients
who were responders to minocycline:

- 31.1 tender and swollen joints, on average, at the start of
- 13.5 tender and swollen joints, on average, after 3 months;
- 5 tender and swollen joints, on average, after 9 months;
- 1 tender or swollen joint, on average, after 18 months.

Beyond the gradual reduction in joint swelling and pain, outlined
above, how many remissions were achieved?

5 patients achieved a remission in less than a year, and 3 more
patients achieved a remission over the next 3 years. The results
are not proportional to the time you spend on Minocin.